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On est plutôt du genre discret mais des fois, on parle de nous...

"Le Momento", de SIMARD architecture, nommé lauréat "Prix du Public" à la 16e éditions du Grand Prix du Design (2023) 

"Situé en plein cœur de l’arrondissement de Mercier – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, le Momento est un projet d’envergure qui proposera plus de 550 nouvelles unités d’habitation à usage mixte.


La conception du Momento se distingue par son caractère architectural unique, ses espaces de vie intégrés et son emplacement stratégique qui permettront à ses résidents de bénéficier d’habitation de qualité à proximité de tous les services et commodités de la vie urbaine. Le Momento se veut également un lieu de bien-être et de plaisir qui met en valeur tous les attraits, les activités et l’animation du vibrant quartier Olympique."


SIMARD Architecture showcases as architect of new Airbnb Luxury Retreats head quarter with Group Mach!


Radio Canada describes the project by naming Group Mach President, Vincent Chiara: "This project links two times: the past with embellishment of existing canals and tresory hidding; the future by contruction methods, energetic efficacity, users well being and by reducing vehicule dependancy".

We are really proud being part of this adventure!

Anouk Meunier impressed by the concept of ''Sortez de chez vous''

The animator and spokesperson of the Expo Habitat Mauricie offers you a guided tour of the container '' Sortez de chez vous ''. 

One minute with... Gregory Fages

Gregory Fage confides on his creative process in the context of capsules One minute with…

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Hemmingford House in the Design Newspaper

Discover the creative process behind the conception of this residence, as well as  a very detailed description of the different spaces.

Hemmingford House in the Montreal Gazette

The Residence Néron-Beaulieu in the Home Front of The Gazette | Montreal

La Presse Visits a Small City Courtyard Wisely Planned by SIMARD architecture.

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Si vous vous demandez ce qu'il y a de nouveau...


Group Mach reveals new Airbnb Luxury Retreats head quarter.

SIMARD Architecture is proud to announce its implication in the new Airbnb Luxury Retreats head quarter as main project architect.

This new building, owned by Group Mach, is located on the verge of Canal Lachine, famous Montreal site plenty of history.


"Domaine des cascades" : a bold residence for seniors!

The work is currently in progress at Domaine des cascades where an expansion of 10 floors will be done at this known senior residence of Sainte-Catherine's town. In addition to the apartements with view of the river, the new residents will benefit a bunch of services, like an inside pool, common rooms and a beautiful landscaping. The new residents should arrive at the beginning of automn 2018. Marie-Eve  is the architect in charge of this project.


SIMARD architecture is working hard to deliver a new building near the Lachine Canal.

A part of SIMARD architecture's team has been working for a few months now on the finalization of the blueprints of this new building, located in the district Pointe-St-Charles. This building will be the head office of an important american firm. Pierre is the administrator in this project, seconded by Hugo, Stéphane, Marie-Eve and Marc-Étienne. More information to come... really soon!


SIMARD architecture recently signed a mandate for a facade analysis of the Promenade Fleury East.

It is with great interest that Gabrielle and Mathilde undertook the mandate to inventor and analyse the commercial facades of the Promenade Fleury, as part of the PRAM of Montreal city.  A project considered out of the ordinary  that allows to appreciate the arrangement of the different buildings that constitute an important artery of the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville.


SIMARD architecture developped "SORTEZ DE CHEZ VOUS" in collaboration with the group Vert Foncé.

Who never wished of waking up in the middle of the nature. To savor morning coffee with the sound of birds singing, to play outside in the morning, to go on a hike in the afternoon and to take a drink under the stars regardless of the season.   In brief, to adopt a way of life which is in complete harmony with nature, away for the daily stress.  '' SORTEZ DE CHEZ VOUS '', a comfortable refuge made 100 % in Quebec, is the solution to stop dreaming and to take actions! 
To find out more, do not hesitate to comunicate with us.

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