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At SIMARD architecture,
we always find the right solution...

Our team lives for architecture. Above all though, we are social beings who put human relationships at the heart of all our actions. Integrity and authenticity are our intrinsic values. We like to create appealing spaces, but we love even more creating well thought-out spaces which align with our clients’ values and desires.

By doing business with us, you are guaranteed a personalized service that meets your highest expectations, no matter the scope of the project. We are ready to help you with any project of yours, even if it is not represented in our project descriptions. We love to take on new challenges!

Our services

We offer a full range of architecture services ranging from existing building inspection and maintenance to the design, extension and renovation of commercial, industrial, residential and institutional buildings. We can also be of assistance in the development of real estate projects (notably with negotiations with the authorities), as well as the development of products.

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New Building Design

''At SIMARD architecture, a blank page is not a syndrome but an opportunity.''

We’ve developed a certain sensibility to our clients' needs and we always make sure to give them the best we can. From the design to delivery of the project, a dedicated and passionate team will be assigned to accompany the client throughout the whole process.


Transformation and Extension

''Solutions are not found on our drawing tables, but within the context of the project and the surrounding environment.''

Whether it is the extension of a retirement home, a daycare, an office building or a private residence, our expertise allows us to identify technical issues to consider before the project begins.  From the conceptual phase to plans ready for construction, from preliminary plans to choosing materials and finishes and obtaining permits, we are by your side throughout the whole project to answer all your questions.

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Asset Maintenance

''We use our creative spirit to make every project an improvement for both the building and its occupants.''

Since the beginning, we have developed a significant expertise in asset maintenance. Our clients trust us with the compliance of their real estate and with the architectural improvements that we can bring to their commercial and residential buildings.

Architecture is located at the junction of art and technique. Beyond the beauty of spaces, it is of the utmost importance that good construction work is achieved using the correct protocols and that it conforms to the National Building Code of Canada and to local regulations. Our team is trained to supervise the construction site and guarantee an irreproachable execution.

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Development Plan

''We use our creative spirit to make this work an improvement for both building and users.''

We acquired a considerable expertise in the development of real estate projects. To seize the potential of your site, our team commits to develop a concept which maximises use, while making sure the surrounding environment is considered. We are inclined to help you throughout all the steps with cities and different instances. 


Inspection and Correction of Buildings Envelopes

''When the envelope of a building shows traces of deterioration or infiltration, it must be understood and taken care of as soon as possible. For this purpose, we have a specific procedure that has been clearly established and demonstrated many times.''

Over the years, we have developed an expertise in the inspection and correction of building envelopes. Whether it is a building of few floors or an office tower, we can carry out a full or selective building inspection and targeted dismantling to evaluate the state of various building components.  We can carry out all the necessary explorations and inspections to accurately understand the building at hand. We offer services from general visual inspections, to up close and tactile inspections, to exploratory dismantling of curtain walls and various building envelop types to identify and validate the various conditions of the facade components.  We produce detailed and illustrated reports that enable decision-makers to make informed choices, plan and budget accurately for the corrective actions to be taken. We also offer a wide range of services for envelope correction.


Products Development

''The construction quality combined with the client experience is felt down to the smallest details.''

We don’t shy away from original projects. When one of our clients shared his idea to develop a container cottage, we accepted the challenge without hesitation! We put all our creativity and expertise into this idea to make it a reality, and we can say that we are incredibly proud of the final product.

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